Dec 012016
  • Should I have eggnog with Jack Daniel’s? Or eggnog ice cream with Jack Daniel’s poured over it?
  • Florence Henderson has sadly added her name to a devastating 2016. RIP.
  • Nathan is excited about getting his aquarium going again. Multiple mentions have occurred several weeks apart, so maybe we’ll give it a go. He didn’t do so well with the upkeep last time.
  • Looking forward to Championship Game Saturday. Bittersweet, though. It’s the last semi-normal-feeling college football Saturday of the year.
  • We have Sling TV now and I’m more happy than sad, but haven’t pulled the cable plug yet. I want to see how well our main TV does with a hard network connection, and I haven’t crawled under the house to deal with that yet.
  • Lea’s still thrilled with the new Leamobile. I’m glad. I’m pleased with it myself.
  • I’m glad December is here. Always starts hectically, and hums along in that vein for a good while. But I’ve learned to pull it in starting about the 20th no matter what’s happening. Looking forward to that.
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Nov 292016

Just climbed out of the bathroom with the family and the dog. Wow. We haven’t done that since the boys got all spindly. (And kudos to everyone for being reasonably sweet-smelling.) So we went from no significant rain for seven months to a line of severe thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes. It’s not over as I […]

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Nov 272016

I don’t remember Punt ‘Bama Punt. I was 19 months old, and though I do remember a lot from my toddler years, I was not yet actively following Alabama football. I feel like I remember it, though, because I’m treated to multiple viewings of it every November when the Iron Bowl is played. You know, […]

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Nov 262016

Well, apparently there’s some ball on today. (I’m just glad we have good games to watch between now and then. Painful waiting otherwise.) Unfortunately Lea is febrile and uncomfortable, so we’re subdued. I’ll make some soup and we’ll huddle. Enjoy the game. Whatever happens, remember how little it really matters.

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