Sep 032015
  • No, I will not answer a survey question to read your stupid article. Not today. Not ever.
  • The day has arrived. I have two predictions for college football this year. One is that a team that is supposed to be good will be bad. The other is that a team that is supposed to be bad will be good.
  • I cannot recall greeting a college football season with a more subdued demeanor. Part of it is probably that I’m climbing out of my funk, but I think another part of it is that I’m acclimating myself to the idea of no cable television.
  • I really hope Windows 10 Mobile nails it. I’ve enjoyed Windows Phone and even evangelized for it a bit for several years now, but I’m getting tired of the intermittent nonsense. (My music library lost its mind today.) I don’t like thinking about finding a shade of Android I like, but that would probably be my only play.
  • The Huntsville Police Department has an unmarked, champagne-colored, previous-generation Ford Explorer. (I’m assuming it was HPD because it was with three marked HPD cruisers when Tommy and I saw it yesterday.) Don’t know if it ever works traffic, but put it in your mental gallery anyway.
  • I’ve given Zoës Kitchen two shots. The quality was fine. It’s just not my thing.
  • Wes Craven died Monday. He was 76. Feels odd to say this to a guy who certainly generated his share of nightmares, but…RIP.
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Sep 012015

Don’t you love when people talk about their feelings, on and on?

I haven’t been writing. Have you noticed? I certainly have. It’s the worst writer’s block I’ve had in the nearly nine years I’ve had Unlike my occasional sabbatical of several days, this is involuntary.

Stress management has been a bugaboo of mine for as long as I’ve been old enough to experience genuine stress. However, I don’t have periodic trouble with it like I used to 15 or 20 years ago. Now, things are great until they aren’t, and when they aren’t they’ve generally been declining for a while without me noticing. So it feels like more of a crash than it should because I’ve been sustainedly inattentive.

I get to this spot (apparently; this is terra incognita) where I can’t write. And it’s not even that I don’t get ideas. It’s more basic than that. I can’t get to the precursor mental state I need for ideas to even be a possibility.

That’s not explained very well, but I’ll go with it.

I can’t talk publicly about most of what is bothering me. (You knew that was coming.) I will say that I don’t anticipate any life tragedies as a result of where I am. It’s not like that. Objectively, everything is fine. Subjectively, I can do better—both acting and reacting—on multiple fronts.

I’m making peace with some things. I’m altogether relinquishing others. If you care in ten years, ask me about it then.

I made progress today. I’ll be back soon.

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Aug 282015

In March 1998, Charles, T.J., and I drove to a club in northern Atlanta called The Outer Edge to see Saxon supporting their new album Unleash the Beast, on their first U.S. tour in more than 12 years. It was one of my favorite live music experiences ever. Saxon formed in 1976. They are true […]

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Aug 272015

We just had two open-window nights in a row in August! Alas, they appear to be over for a while. I saw an Alfa Romeo 4C yesterday in traffic. At a glance it looked like a Ferrari coming up, but the Alfa Romeo grille gave it away (and plus I saw how small it was […]

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