Apr 192015

Nathan: “What if we’re all, like, a failed alien’s science project sitting on a shelf somewhere?”

Aaron: “You mean, like a potato battery that doesn’t work?”

Bo: “Not sure what you were trying to accomplish here. C-.

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Apr 172015

…but only a little, at how much I’m looking forward to this weekend, and largely because it’s so free of commitments. Soccer game tomorrow if they don’t close the fields, and church Sunday. That’s it.

Smells like the A-Day game tomorrow. Then, on Sunday, I’ll watch my F1 race before breakfast, and I’ll watch my IndyCar race after church (with live race control on my tablet, of course).

Thank you for reading BoWilliams.com. Have a good weekend.

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Apr 162015

My chest hair growing back in itches. I successfully replaced the starter on Lea’s van last weekend. It was irritating that it broke, but we were blessed that it did so in her mother’s driveway. It was a knuckle-buster, but it’s on and it works. What is there to say about Aaron Hernandez besides “what […]

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