Jul 242014
  • Saintseester told me in the middle of last year’s mild summer that we’d have a brutally cold winter. I laughed her off. She said the same thing yesterday, and I chose not to laugh this time.
  • Apparently there is a Fifty Shades of Grey movie on the way. The still from the trailer accompanying the blurb I read appears to show a boy of perhaps 12 as the male lead. Yeah, that ought to be great.
  • Coach Saban could have gotten his point across without calling the Sugar Bowl a “consolation game,” and I think Coach Stoops is justified in returning fire. Can the rationalization, folks. Oklahoma didn’t sneak by us. They beat us soundly. Let’s hope we get another shot at them sometime and leave it at that.
  • I caught a little of the band touring as Van Halen massacring “Unchained” on YouTube last night. I think we have an awful lot of emperor’s new clothes happening here. Dave is just a bad lounge singer anymore, and Michael Anthony’s harmonies are sorely missed.
  • Have you seen the hospital billboards that have continuously updating wait times for their emergency rooms? Why? Are you going to say “well, try to hold your ankle together and stop screaming there, Junior. The wait there is too long. Let’s try the next town”?
  • My Fitbit spontaneously reset itself to zero steps yesterday about dinnertime. That’s rather irritating. Hope it’s a fluke.
  • Porsche’s Macan is its second SUV. Poor ol’ Ferd must be spinning in his grave. How about a pickup next, guys?
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Jul 232014

That may be the lesson I’m slowly absorbing, more than any other, as I process our Kiss concert last week.

Though it was my first Kiss show since April 14, 2000, I’d seen and heard plenty of live Kiss since. The Rock the Nation Live! DVDs include cool stuff like “Tears Are Falling” and “Love Her All I Can,” which are awesome to see and hear. The AXStv concert I DVRed not long ago has “Shock Me” melting into “Outta This World,” which I love. It’s good stuff. Crank it up a bit and sing along, perhaps with a slight whiskey haze, and it’s a fine time.

But I left all of the truly visceral reaction I had to spend on the floor of the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center 14 years ago. I’ve made peace with that.

Nothing will ever top my Hot in the Shade show, because it was my first Kiss show. Goodness gracious sakes alive, I liked both Winger and Slaughter, but their sets were interminable. Bring my guys out!

I was going to revisit this no matter what, because I wanted to get my boys a live Kiss experience, and I was certainly going to go with them. So this was going to go this way no matter what.

But I have choices elsewhere.

For example, I haven’t eaten Underwood Deviled Ham in perhaps 35 years. I remember my mom making me sandwiches with it, and I remember loving it.

I’m sure it’s a fine food product, but I’m confident my memories of it are better than a 2014 sandwich would be. So I’m leaving it alone.


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Jul 212014

Citing ongoing crises in the Middle East and Ukraine, as well as the continued fragility of the U.S. economy, President Obama today announced that he and his family would vacation for one week at Camp David next month, rather than more than two weeks at Martha’s Vineyard. “After much reflection, I have concluded that I’m [...]

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Jul 172014

Wow, everybody was so old and fat at the Kiss/Def Leppard concert last night. I’m sure glad that hasn’t happened to me. Lea, the boys, and I traveled to Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last night to take in Kiss, Def Leppard, and Kobra and the Lotus. The boys saw Night Ranger at a festival last [...]

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