Jan 302015

Mitt Romney said on a conference call this morning that he would not run for president next year.

Romney is a good man, and I think I would like more about a Romney presidency than I would dislike. But he’s not strong in this field of candidates. I do wish he’d stayed in long enough to tie up Bush a bit. Romney’s departure will likely accelerate the coalescence of “the establishment” around Bush.

Thing is, “the establishment” GOP hasn’t won out of the chute since 2000, and that was by a hair’s width, if you’ll recall. Jeb Bush can’t win even a vaguely competitive general election. His last name alone is at least a 5-point penalty.

The successful Republican candidate will be a small-government conservative with grown-up and sensible ideas on foreign policy. These are the arenas in which Obama has done the gravest damage; consequently, I think little else matters. Right now, of those who could plausibly win, I think that candidate is either Scott Walker or Ted Cruz, with Rick Perry and/or Marco Rubio on the bubble.

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Jan 292015
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Jan 282015

Remember when our esteemed president released five senior Taliban leaders in exchange for one soldier (who almost certainly deserted) and the promise that the released Taliban would behave themselves? Remember that he did so unilaterally, ignoring a law requiring him to give Congress 30 days’ notice before releasing anyone from Guantanamo? Remember the released POW’s […]

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Jan 262015

In the spring of 1989, at UAH in my Introduction to Philosophy class, there was a girl named Carol whose eyes were the greenest, most lustrous things I’ve ever seen. They were pools of molten emerald. She sat several rows over and slightly further forward, so we’d have opportunities for eye contact as Dr. Cling […]

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