Nov 252015

Sorry I’ve been so long writing. I’ve been very busy working on our church’s Upward program. Even with great volunteers it’s a lot of work, and me having to play through my occasional rookie errors hasn’t helped either. (This is my first year to direct the program.) I’m getting smarter for next year. And, we’re nearly to the fun part.

We started the Star Wars movies last night, because Aaron said he had been too young to remember much about them and he wanted to refresh before seeing Episode VII. He had an interesting question: when Star Wars first came out, did people realize there would be sequels? I can’t remember, but I was 6.

Did you see my review of Beignet Cafe?

Kind of collapsing into Thanksgiving, but I’ll take it.

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Nov 202015

This is truly a remarkable piece of technical communication. Majestic. Magnificent. Thanks to Unclaimed Mysteries for putting this into my consciousness. There was an emptiness I never even fully perceived until it was gone.

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Nov 192015

Locals, if you haven’t yet had the heat on, your luck looks likely to run out this weekend. Nathan made second chair horn for concert season. Proud of him for stepping up and doing something different, and proud of him for putting the work in for a good tryout. True confession stemming from a comment […]

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