Oct 282009

I’ll tell you, the list of things I wish I’d thought of only gets longer.

If you want to wow them at the Halloween dinner party, serve them a hand:


I love the attention to detail—the fingernails, the bone stump, and so forth.  You can get the recipe/assembly instructions, for this and other variations, here.  (It’s meat loaf.)

Finally, I am delighted—and a smidge titillated, frankly—to inform you that an adorable young woman did this.  That detail took me by surprise.  Love it!

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  9 Responses to “The meat hand”

  1. Gee, Thanks, Bo. Guess what I will probably be having for dinner tonight.

    By the way, I heard today that Obama is in the running for the Heisman Trophy to go along with his Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Okay. That is just freaking me the frack out.

  3. Ummmm…yeah. That’s just plain gross!!!

  4. Hahahaha! And we just watched Sweeney Todd…

    People are gross.

  5. That almost made me gag!

  6. I love it. Great entree prior to serving the cat poo cookies.

  7. I am really having trouble getting over this image. GROSS!

  8. And yet you can’t turn away… 😉

  9. We just thought of an even better version. Ya know how people always serve meatballs? Yeah, just the finger tips… David called it finger food.

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