Nov 182010
  • As I type, a fragment of jawbone discovered in Aruba has been determined to be from a young woman, with a DNA test against Natalee Holloway’s requiring perhaps another week.  Though a match would only be sad confirmation of what I’m sure they already believe, I’m still hopeful that it would increase her family’s peace.  At the very least, it would kill any lingering doubts about the sex trade or any other living hells.
  • Still trying to figure out whether I’m a hot tea guy.  I’ve pretty much settled on Earl Grey during the day, though I try to mix an “Earl Grey green” in there once in a while.  (Wish I liked green tea more than I do.)  I’ve only begun exploring herbals for in the evening.  I like the mint/chamomile taste of Sleepytime, but they don’t put tags and strings on their bags, so I’ll be looking for another standby or two there.
  • Saw “flaunt” used in a headline this week, when “flout” was the correct word.  I fear “flout” is in a death spiral.
  • Horrified Man Looks On Powerlessly as He Ruins Date.  Oh, I loved it, because I can relate to it.  Of every little (or not-so-little) social mistake I’ve ever made in my life, the ones committed in the presence and with the attention of an attractive woman are seared forever—and vividly—in my memory.  (I never had a date go quite this badly, but there are a couple I can look back on and isolate the precise moments at which they became unrecoverable.  I’ve never wanted to watch The Three Musketeers again.)
  • Spent any time watching Oregon play football this year?  Ever see an offense play so quickly?  It’s kind of their signature, isn’t it?  What if opponents starting faking injuries, seeking relief from the relentless pace?  There is speculation, and while the support for it doesn’t seem rock-solid, neither is it flimsy.  As the piece says, though, what do you do about it?
  • I thought this was pretty cool:  here are the ten oldest, still-inhabited cities.  (Seattle isn’t one of them.)
  • Nathan’s loving the Kinect he got for his birthday.  We are too.  Good job, Microsoft.

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  3 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #113”

  1. Flout flout flout. One of my pet-peeves is the flout/flaunt thing. Hey, but floutas are good. Kind of an in-your-face chewy enchilada thing.

  2. I wrote about the tragic nature of lost words once before. By the time you realize they’re in trouble, they’re already doomed. I’m a huge fan of precision in language—language in general, really—and that frustrates the hell out of me. A dying word is circling the drain before you ever even really know it.

  3. So RE: Oregon and faking injuries….ummm, nut up, Ducks. It’s part of the game. The “trick knee” was very famous in the NFL against Sam Wyche’s Bengals and had the same reaction. If a team is trying to gain advantage by doing something that is completely within the rules, but kind of lame (hurry hurry hurry), then it’s just as ok to do something equally within the rules and maybe even more lame (ow, my liver!).

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