Jun 172019

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

Clyde’s BBQ is the latest effort from local star restaurateurs Stan Stinson and Tina Ford. It is a couple of blocks north of Browns Ferry on County Line Rd. in Madison, and there will be also be a location at Stovehouse later this year.

Stan and Tina are my friends. I’m a big fan of Earth and Stone, and my family and I were all enamored of our initial visit to Clyde’s, though they told us then that hotter wings were still on deck. These are the first truly hot ones they’ve offered.

Clyde’s offers wings regularly on Friday and Saturday, with occasional availability on other days. They are smoked wings, which you can then have fried if you choose. Sauce is available on the side or tossed. I went with fried and tossed, with the hottest “No Tina! No Tina!” habanero sauce. Eight wings and a side are $9.80.

Clyde’s “No Tina! No Tina!” wings. (Click for a closer look.)

Quality: 10/10. If you know anything about Stan and Tina, this is no surprise. I had an even split between drums and flats, and they were all robustly sized, with minimal extraneous fat. They were cooked perfectly, with no rubbery or dry spots, and served hot.

Flavor: 8/10. With an up-front peppery vibe that moves through a bit of tartness on the way to a sweet and hot finish, I’d almost call these sweet-and-sour. The wings are tasty.

Heat: 8/10. There is a bit of punch from the first bite that told me there was something other than habanero at work here, and indeed, there is some chipotle as well. Nice. Let’s dance. (Of course, the classic habanero accumulation takes over in short order.) The climb is steady and relentless, and I got a good sweat and a couple of tears. Chileheads can fit these into a normal day, but those with more tender palates should choose a different sauce.

Clyde’s wings are excellent, and furthermore, I have solid intel indicating that this may not be the hottest sauce for long. Stay tuned!

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Jun 162019

Just as I moved in more closely for a she’ll-probably-fly-away-but-I’m-gonna-try shot, she decided to pose for me.

On Smith Lake. (Click for larger.)

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Jun 132019

There is a lot of old-school ’80s hair metal coming to Huntsville. Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango are coming together, and L.A. Guns will be at Furniture Factory next month. I wish I wanted to make these efforts more than I do. I still love the music, but my tolerance for the crowds and smoke […]

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Jun 122019

Facebook user Glenn Mitchell has captured video of what appears to be an alligator swimming near a Point Mallard walking trail. And people have lost their minds. This WAAY-TV article gets it right when it says: Decatur Parks and Recreation said the gator probably came from the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, and there are likely more […]

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