Jan 272020

I wrote one thing about tipping restaurant servers most of 12 years ago.

I stand by most of that, though if anything I’m more generous now than then. I still start at 20% for competent but unremarkable service and frequently go up from there, but my bottom is a lot higher now too. It would take monumentally bad service for me to tip below 10% now. (I tipped 15% for C service barely two weeks ago, and I can’t remember the last time before then that I tipped that low or received C service.)

So that’s how I tip at restaurants. Off the top of my head, I also tip home repair people, my massage therapist, and food delivery drivers. I would tip my barber if I still had one. I would tip a caddy if I ever played golf.

But have you noticed a tip field creeping onto receipts where maybe it ought not be? Mostly this seems to be restaurants with a “fast casual” model, where you order at the counter, pay, and then you might have to pick it up or they might bring it to you (and if the latter, that’s the extent of the true “wait” service).

Tipping the way we do in the United States isn’t particularly common around the world, and there are pros and cons to it, for sure. The biggest con is that in many places, a server could have bad luck at a table or two and wind up making less than minimum wage for the evening, because s/he might be paid as little as $2.13 hourly.

I don’t think the places where I see this “questionable” tip field would be paying employees that way, because they’re clearly not wait staff. But knowing that foodservice isn’t generally a great or particularly lucrative job keeps me putting a dollar or two in that field. Maybe I’ll standardize at 10%, with $1 minimum.

What do you think?

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Jan 232020
  • I have lots of hair right now. It’s very wrong. I don’t have the hairline to have hair anymore.
  • I may write some more about this depending on how far off the ground it gets, but there’s a group trying to bring a zoo to the Huntsville area. I doubt very much they are envisioning the sort of facility of which I would approve, because if they were, they would be leading with the information. And they’re not.
  • 1917 was outstanding. That’s another one we’re going to own.
  • Want something else to worry about? How about viruses never seen or studied by modern man being released from glacier ice by global warming and killing us all? Good times.
  • Anchorage, Alaska is nearly equidistant from Tokyo and New York City. That puts it a 9.5-hour flight or less from 90% of the industrialized world. Therefore, there is a major FedEx hub there, and it is a common refueling stop for international cargo flights.
  • I went to Krystal for lunch. I think it might have been 15 years since I had one last. The memory is much better than the reality.
  • Jim Lehrer has died at 85. Thank you, sir. RIP.
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Jan 202020

The North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force is proud to host human trafficking warrior Linda Smith, the president and founder of Shared Hope International. She will be speaking at the Wesley Room at Trinity United Methodist Church in Huntsville on Saturday, January 25 at 9 am. The Facebook event is here. Linda is widely regarded […]

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Jan 162020

In the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode Happy Birthday Buck, with special jaw-dropping guest star Morgan Brittany, they are celebrating his 534th birthday. I saw a yellow Ferrari 348 this week in traffic, and was excited to tell my younger son. When I did, he replied, without looking up from his tablet: “is […]

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Jan 152020

Longtime readers know that before there was a BoWilliams.com, there was a NewDietDewIsYucky.com. I could tell you how much Diet Mountain Dew I used to drink every day, and you wouldn’t believe me. (When I launched that site in 2006, I systematically estimated my lifetime consumption to date at 5,400 gallons.) I had a lot […]

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