Jan 012007

Well, we were headed over to the Felders’ for the evening, but they’ve all spent the holidays sick and are only now in recovery. S’ok. While we would have had a great time, I’ve felt no pressure whatsoever for most of a decade to make “special” 12/31 plans, so a quiet evening at home slid into first place without a contest. Besides, last night our niece Lauren took the boys for three hours while Lea and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Pauli’s, followed by a lovely trip to Barnes & Noble. I’m satisfied that we got sufficient year-end reflection in.

So last night at the bookstore I picked up the latest copies of InSync and Revolution–two huge full-color wristwatch magazines primarily devoted to the mechanical and the expensive. They are great fun to look at, with multiple gatefolds, close-ups of movements, reviews, and the like. In other words, watch porn. Right now I’ve really got the hots for an Alpina Avalanche Extreme Regulator, but I’m hoping said hots die down because I’ll probably have to sell another watch to get it, and that never works out well. I really just need to quit picking up those damned magazines, is what needs to happen.

I’ve also taken my first plunges into the world of Philip K. Dick, picking up Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and The Philip K. Dick Reader. I count movies based on his work among my very favorites, particularly Blade Runner and Minority Report. So it’s about time I do this. I have to finish the Eli Gold book first, but that’ll probably happen tomorrow. (And I’m sneaking a page or two of Do Androids… here and there anyway.)

Finally, today I filled another embarrassing hole in my cinematic resume. While I’ve seen different pieces of it over the years, today was the first time I’ve seen Scarface start to finish. Loving expert filmmaking and ’80s pop culture as I do, I was (of course) totally blown away. “The World Is Yours,” ladies and gentlemen…and “rush rush, to the llello.” (Man, it’s weird playing and loving Grand Theft Auto III and then seeing Scarface.)

All my best to you and your family in 2007.

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