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Well, Lea just opened her third 40-oz. Colt 45, the boys are in the garage trying to get an old chain saw running, and I’m sifting through the softcore on the DVR, deciding what to keep.  It’s a fairly typical Sunday night around here.

Heh.  Actually I’m semi-aggressively ignoring the Oscars and trying to think critically about my time online.  Several months ago I read an article about a hyper-connected suburbanite who unplugged completely from the Internet one day per week.  The idea keeps popping up in my head.  One day a week?  I could do that.  What could happen?  Most of the things I can think of would be positive.

noconnectIt seems Lent is almost here, and I’ve decided I’m going to have “unplugged” Sundays for the duration—no email, no blogging, no news and opinion, no Facebook, no anything.  I haven’t decided yet whether writing a post ahead of time to automatically appear on Sunday violates the spirit, but I’m leaning toward thinking it does.

So this is probably my last Sunday post for at least several weeks.  If anything interesting happens to me as a result, I’ll let you know.

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  14 Responses to “Unplugging on Sunday”

  1. Why don’t you just go ahead and shun electricity while your at it! 😉

  2. Lee – please don’t give him ideas. You know how when one person in a household goes on a diet there are consequences for the rest? Like no Ho-Ho’s or Twinkies allowed in the house. Bo might be bored without his daily addiction to the computer but I’ll be pissed if *I* have to do without electricity. 😉

  3. *fist-bump* on the semi-aggressive Oscar snubbing. It gave me plenty of time to catch up on my episodes of 24 and House.

    I like the unplugged Sundays idea. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna join you, but I like it nonetheless…

  4. Remind me to tell you my Lent story sometime. On second thought, maybe I’ll just blog it. Stay tuned.

    RE: unplugging on Sundays – Nice idea. I think it would be easier than giving up chocolate, wine, steak, or any of my other vices. I might try it….nah.

    But, I believe you are correct in the delayed-posting thing. Violates the spirit of the whole thing!

  5. Man, you may not believe this but my weekends are essentially unplugged apart from my cell phone which I have to have in case there’s an emergency at the house (remember, I have a pool tournament every Sunday).

    I’ve been “connected” since around 1986 in some form or fashion. Whether it was configuring UUCP/MMDF or sendmail for the Unix servers at college, using USENET, Mosaic, etc… You get the picture – I’m an old guy.

    You know what? I survive perfectly fine all weekend. Although, for me, it isn’t a self-imposed rule. I just found myself ignoring my connectivity on weekends.

    You might start looking forward to Sunday.

  6. Admit it, Lea: you do enjoy the occasional fo’ty.

  7. But what about *us* Bo?

  8. That was one entertaining opening paragraph!

  9. Lee, Lea: No, I’m definitely good with keeping electricity in the mix. The logistics of going to church without it are pretty scary.

    Jenny: Who knows right now if I’ll stay with it, but surely I can do it for just a few weeks!

    Terri: Staying tuned. 🙂

    Carey: It’ll be interesting, and probably a little maddening the first time out. We’ll see!

    Greg: The first time I saw Lea slamming malt liquor, I thought “that’s the woman I’m going to marry.”

    Charles: We’ll always have our special “chats.” 🙂

    Scott: Thanks. I got the Colt 45 and Lea in the mental picture together, and couldn’t turn ’em loose.

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